Music by PaprTape: 龍瑞盈門 Year of the Dragon 2024


楊伯翊 (Yáng•bó•yì)
Music & Sound

"PaprTape weaves pads and sounds of the urban environment into a kaleidoscope of soothing yet powerful ambience."

"The track [Lyra] is the exemplification of a single-take analog recording, with everything captured perfectly in the captivating, beautifully shot and produced video which accompanies the music."

"A sacrosanct exhibition of heavenly acclimation, ‘Singularity‘ appears part of the broader ascent towards enlightenment, if as an expression of providential beauty, solitude, & the infinite multiverse within us all. "
—Charles Davis, Give It A Spin

"The arrangement offers a soothing ambient expression of minimalism. Both calming and intriguing, “Wintry” demonstrates the artist’s ability to create dreamy textures and a complete control over his instrument."
—Rob Pringle, Plastic Magazine

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