Tony Yang, also known as 楊伯翊 (Yáng•bó•yì) and PaprTape (formerly known as PaperTape), is a multifaceted artist who has made a name for himself as a composer, sound designer, and musician. With a passion for blending traditional and modern techniques, PaprTape creates music in a variety of genres for top clients and  listeners worldwide.

PaprTape's impressive work has caught the attention of Arturia, who featured him in their Artist Story series for his work on Burberry's Olympia Bag Campaign starring Mia Kong. His talent and dedication to the craft have also led to various commissions, including projects for the Museum of Chinese in America and the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

PaprTape was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and began playing the violin and piano at a young age before traveling back and forth between the United States and Taiwan to learn from various teachers. He studied with Khuillip Jeung from The Juilliard School and went on to win first place in the International Floral Expo Remix Competition for remixing Teresa Tang's "What Would You Say" during his career in Asia. He later produced a girl group and worked on music and sound design for JJ Lin's 友人說 Somebody.

PaprTape's talent and dedication led him to an apprenticeship with Michael Riesman, music director of the Philip Glass Ensemble, where he worked on scores and recordings with Philip Glass. Since then, he has continued to produce, compose, and perform for some of the top brands and artists in the world, including The Gap, Marshall Headphones, and Burberry.

He currently resides in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

PaprTpae Recording with Philip Glass (right) on The White Lama. James L. Dolan Studio, Feburary 17, 2019

PaprTape x Burberry | The gentle side of a freak with MicroFreak

"PaprTape weaves pads and sounds of the urban environment into a kaleidoscope of soothing yet powerful ambience."

PaprTape: Lyra

"The track is the exemplification of a single-take analog recording, with everything captured perfectly in the captivating, beautifully shot and produced video which accompanies the music."


"...a beautifully and deceptively simple performance and piece of music that captures the flow of ideas from body to machine, sine-waves bending like brainwaves becoming full thoughts and sometimes vice-versa."

PaprTape – Singularity

"A sacrosanct exhibition of heavenly acclimation, ‘Singularity‘ appears part of the broader ascent towards enlightenment, if as an expression of providential beauty, solitude, & the infinite multiverse within us all."
—Charles Davis, Give It A Spin

Ambient music from PaprTape

"The arrangement offers a soothing ambient expression of minimalism. Both calming and intriguing, “Wintry” demonstrates the artist’s ability to create dreamy textures and a complete control over his instrument."
—Rob Pringle, Plastic Magazine

PaprTape - Wintry

"The peace exuded here is addictive, enticing one to repeatedly invoke the spirit of the moment – 1000 listens isn’t enough. A favorite of this blog, it is advised that one delves further into the catalog of Papr Tape."
—Charles Davis, Give It A Spin

PaprTape "Midafternoon Dream": a mind numbingly soothing trance

"An unraveling ambience with no troubles, this piece is a minimalistic music masterpiece. "
Music Dances When You Sleep

7 Eclectic (Jan/Feb 2021)

"There is a rush of immersion as you listen to his works, a sense of being placed in a paradise-like acoustic play yard. When the soundscapes calm our soul, it becomes pure bliss. The beautiful pauses and heart-beats arrive from time to time; through dusk till dawn, we are amazed. I’m writing this on paper, and it will never wash out. This is a track to connect your breath with your heart."
—Niki, Give It A Spin